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It is the medical specialty dedicated to pain relief and patient care before, during and after a surgical procedure; To do this: it regulates the patient's level of consciousness, stabilizes their body parameters (body temperature, blood pressure, respiration, body fluids, function: heart, lung and kidney) within a normal range. In addition, it deals with the treatment of acute or chronic pain for non-surgical reasons, for example: analgesia during natural labor and pain relief in cancer patients.

Procedures that include:

  • General anesthesia

  • Regional blockades

  • Conductive anesthesia

  • Difficult airway management

  • Pain therapy

  • Labor anesthesia

  • Palliative anesthesia


Dr. Eduardo Chavarría

Dr. Ignacio Ramírez

Dr. Mainor Machado


Dr. Walter Rojas Rivera

Dr. Juan Carlos Guerrero

Dr. Eugenia Aguilar

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