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We are a renovated hospital adapted to the current needs of the population, focused on providing high quality comprehensive health care and with a broad human sense, for this we promote first of all the development of health and medical ethics for the benefit of community.


To be leaders and benchmarks in health at the national level to be recognized as the private health institution with the greatest coverage and satisfied patients in the southern part of Costa Rica, always starting from a personalized medicine much more humane and focused on the needs of the patient and their family.



Humanity: Commitment of our professionals focused on patients and their families, where professionalism and dedication and the supreme value of humanity and respect for our patients prevail.

Integrity: Provide a comprehensive care service where our patients and relatives solve their health problems, counting on professionals with a high sense of responsibility for their patients.

Trust and commitment: Relations of trust and commitment of our staff, visible in patients and their families, focused on healthcare activity.

Sensitivity: Before our patients and their families, attending to each of their needs in a continuous communication process that allows us to maintain excellence by focusing on the medical needs of the patient.

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