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During the hospitalization process, the Hospital offers you rooms focused on your comfort, we have individual rooms, equipped with the highest standards of quality and comfort, in them you have air conditioning, cable TV, WiFi service, exclusive bathroom with hot water, vital signs monitor, blankets, cloths, amenities, chair / bed in case you want or require a companion during the night, who will be provided with a pillow and blanket at no additional cost. Keep in mind that the companion who stays for the night must be over 18 years of age.

Feeding. Inpatient food is included within the services offered by Hospital Las Américas, but not that of companions, for the latter the Hospital has a dining area equipped with microwave, electric coffee maker and refrigerator so that your companion can perform your meals quietly and in a comfortable place. We also have a letter at your disposal for you to choose from among the options we have.


At this time we have internships equipped with all the conditions to make your time with us a pleasant stay. Some of the amenities we offer are:

En estos momentos contamos con internamientos equipados con todas las condiciones para hacer de su tiempo con nosotros una estancia agradable. Algunas de las comodidades que ofrecemos son:
  • Individual rooms

  • Constant attention from our nurses

  • Air conditioner

  • Heating is not required due to the climate, however, thermal blankets are available in case it is required

  • TV

  • Comfortable patient beds

  • Seats and bed for companion

  • Telephone in the room

  • Closet for your belongings

  • Food service

  • Individual bathroom in the rooms with water heater.

  • Normal or thermal crib for newborns

  • Patient monitor

  • Clothing for patients during their stay

  • Laundry service if necessary

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