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Privacy and Returns Policies

Terms and Conditions

Hospital Las Américas will collect and safeguard the information provided by users and will not make it available to the public under any circumstances. Said information includes: personal data, medical history, IP information, payment methods and the data necessary to carry out the formalization of the requested membership or any other process. By accepting our terms and conditions, you agree to receive emails with informational or advertising content from Hospital Las Américas.

Payments and Returns

In the case of requiring any type of refund, the user must go to the hospital to request it together with evidence of the completion of the same and justification for doing so, otherwise the Hospital will not make any type of refund related to the payment of memberships.


Membership covers a percentage of the user's expenses in the Hospital and only in specific areas previously established on the website such as general medicine, medical imaging, dentistry, among others. Said expense coverage can be interpreted as discounts that may be subject to change. If the user needs another service or uses any type of input that the membership does not cover, they must pay for it the day they are seen.


The price of the membership is subject to change, so if one is presented, users will be informed in writing by email, who will decide if they want to continue paying or if they want to cancel the membership. If there is no response from the user about the changes, the Hospital will assume the user's approval, so the respective membership will continue to be charged.


To cancel the membership, the user must contact the Hospital to formalize the process, this includes the payment of the fee corresponding to the current month. If the membership is not paid on the established dates, the membership will be deactivated and the Hospital will proceed to inform the user so that if there is no response to the payment, the membership will be canceled and it cannot be renewed until one month after it has been canceled. Therefore, if the user requires medical attention and has their membership deactivated, they will have to pay for all the services provided at the time.

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